Eliminator products are manufactured in Canada by Willow-Glen Holdings Inc.

All Eliminator supplements have Health Canada approval under a coveted NPN (Natural Product Number).

The principals of the company are Helena and Tony Alexander.
Helena is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Adept.
Tony is a businessman with a sales and marketing background.

How It All Began

Hot Flash Eliminator™ was conceived in 2004 by Helena, with a strong need to eliminate her own terrible hot flashes. Without being able to get relief from any product available, Hot Flash Eliminator™ was born. In 2005, it was brought to market in Canada, USA and globally. Helena envisioned a product based on just two criteria:

  • The product must work quickly.
  • The product must be totally safe to use.

Helena set about developing an eliminator supplement using assorted combinations of flower essences. She knew that flower essences posed no risk to her health. Helena had been using flower essences for years and knew that they had the power to effect both emotional and physical change.

Because flower essences possess vibrational energy properties, she imagined that the correct combination of essences would be perfect to deal with hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings that accompanied this new phase of life she was experiencing. Just like that, the process of trial-and-error began. It took approximately 2 years until the final combination and formulation was found.

The day that Helena felt the immediate impact after taking the product, she looked in the mirror as she was having a hot flash and, was able to notice the dramatic changes to her complexion and her mood as the product reversed the effects right before her eyes.

Then Helena, who is a Reiki Master, thought, “What would it be like if I were to energize the eliminator supplement with the intent that I invoke during sessions?”

So, she did just that. The results were immeasurable!  The vibrational energy of the mixture and the resulting effect on the hot flashes were taken to an entirely new level of amazing.

Our Next Steps

Dozens of women who were experiencing hot flashes received the eliminator supplement. The resulting comments from over 90% of those women claimed that this was an unbelievable product that worked instantly!

  • There are several reasons why HFE works so well.
  • The liquid is to be taken sublingually – meaning under the tongue. Delivered this way, the ingredients arrive directly at the body’s internal thermostat – the hypothalamus within seconds. In addition, the ingredients are not changed by the acids in the stomach.
  • The liquid contains no plant-based estrogens making it safe for cancer patients to use.
  • The liquid made with flower essences is safe for use by anyone taking prescribed medications or supplements because it does not interact with those items.

About 8 years ago, Tony approached Irene Hogan, a pharmacist and NAMS certified menopause specialist. After analyzing the product and its ingredients, she gave us her seal of approval and chose to test the product with her patients. Irene concluded that it was totally safe to use by anyone who was undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or on estrogen suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen and Evista.

After several weeks she contacted Tony with the news that her patients were reporting amazing instant results! Irene even noted that men who were undergoing treatments for prostate cancer were also receiving the powerful relief benefits that her female patients were experiencing.

Armed with that knowledge and many other professional and user endorsements the company was able to place the product in health food stores and select pharmacies throughout the country.

We now ship product to numerous countries. In Spain, several doctors asked for product samples to review it for themselves. The resulting findings have established a strong following in Spain due to these prominent physician recommendations.